The wonder of the world
The beauty and the power,
The shapes of things,
Their colours, lights and shades,
These I saw.
Look ye also while life lasts.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday night

Well folks here is your humble Ghostrifle labouring away to earn a crust. Just pausing for a few moments to drop you a line or two. To bring you up to date,my stalking weekend was a bit bitter sweet.
I got my Muntjac early on Saturday morning and spent the rest of the weekend trying for that elusive Fallow I have been wanting. Despite all my efforts and getting cold and wet I still haven't got my first Fallow. To be honest, some time on Sunday morning being stuck in a wet cold high seat looking at a lifeless field I began to review the situation of stalking in my life.

More of this later, time to return to earning an honest crust.